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This is the only official worldwide website for Psychic Medium Robyn Z. and on-line source of information including her schedule, tour dates, and any other appearances. Robyn and her office make absolutely no representations or endorsements of any websites containing information about her.



*Kindly Note*


If this is your first Mediumship Reading, Welcome! It is highly suggested and advised that you study Robyn's entire website and what the topic of mediumship means to her and to you prior to signing up for a session. Robyn’s goal in a reading with you is to make a peaceful, loving and healing reunion while providing a clear connection for you and your loved ones that have passed away. Robyn has been scientifically tested for her abilities and she came out with an 88% score as a Medium. What does this mean you may be asking yourself? It simply means that Robyn is not 100% accurate and no Medium is.



Therefore; it is important for you to investigate and learn about the topic of mediumship as a whole, prior to obtaining a reading with anyone. Robyn wants you to understand how she works with you to connect with spirit.


Nothing is guaranteed in this life, just as no specific connection in a reading is guaranteed. Robyn has no control if someone in spirit steps forward that you were not expecting to hear from in a reading. This means for example: (If Aunt ---- decides to come through, and address herself, you need to remain open and recognize her messages) every attempt will be made to connect with the person(s) you wish to connect with but there are no guarantees.


We highly recommend prior to a reading, that you communicate to your loved ones in the spirit world. It may make it easier for them to come through.


Over the years, Robyn is privileged to read all walks of life and continues to do so. She considers the deceased “her guests” in a reading. Robyn wants you to feel completely at ease, therefore; when you enter into a reading, she asks that you remain open to who is contacting you and who you are looking to make contact with. Over the many years as a practicing Medium, she has found as her clients have, that the “more open” you are, the more likely the exact person you are looking to connect with comes through. That is exactly what makes for a beautiful and peaceful connection between you, the deceased and Robyn.


We would like for you to take important note that it is never "too soon" to be read by Robyn. Your loved ones that have crossed over will want to convey messages for you. However, she wants to stress that anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, needs to go through the grieving process. Please give yourself the time needed to heal.


A Mediumship Reading with Robyn is all about love and she takes her work seriously. It is important to recognize the gift of Mediumship. It is in Robyn's hopes and desires that one day this amazing and beautiful sacred gift that she is privy to, will be taken in a scientific direction to prove the continuity of the afterlife.


We welcome each and every new person and encourage you to kick back, relax, and get comfy and cozy while we welcome you to her world.


To all of the established clients over the years, Robyn personally thanks each and every one of you for your compelling and evidential testimonies to Spirit and Robyn.


If you are ready to experience the ultimate encounter with the other side with Robyn, the book your reading page is right around the corner and awaits you with open arms.



All information and readings with Robyn are subject to the following rules, terms and conditions:


  • Your reading is solely for your personal use

  • No portion of your reading shall be used for your commercial benefit

  • Robyn will not provide medical advice

  • No speakerphones please

  • You will not tape record your reading without Robyn Z.’s prior written consent

  • You must be 18 years of age to have a private reading with Robyn Z. Any exceptions to this must require the signature of a parent or legal guardian

  • You agree that you are signing up for a reading for entertainment purposes only

  • You agree that you are solely responsible for making and creating your own life decisions

  •  Robyn is not a Doctor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist. She is a medium, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach.

  •  If you are in need of grief counseling, A fabulous book that she recommends is "On Death and Dying" by Elizabeth-Kubler Ross. Robyn and her clients have found this book extremely helpful.

  • Your reading does not authorize you to use Robyn Z.’s name except otherwise provided in a testimonial or referral. You may not use her voice, name, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any other manner

  • Any unauthorized commercial use of Robyn's name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, including but not limited to her right of publicity and privacy shall result in damages sustained by Robyn Z.

  • You will be receiving an enormous amount of information. We recommend for the time that you have together, that you have paper and pen ready to take notes during the course of the session. This will be your best guide in deciphering names, dates, and information that she relayed for you.

  • Often in a reading, it can become cryptic or messages flow in packets of information. You may need to be the messenger or go to the side of you as in a friend, relative, etc. to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. At times things click right after a reading when you are able to think clearly.


Kindly Note:Please be advised that there is an additional fee per person participating with you in a reading or session. Meaning, if you wish to have another person (friend, family member, or translator) attending a session with you, there will be an additional fee of the cost of the session. The fee for your consultation is billed for the amount of time spent with you and is not for the content of your consultation. You are more than welcome to ask a loved one to join a session with you. For example: A friend who just signed up for a reading would like to bring another friend into the scheduled session. We get requests for friends, sisters, brothers, mom’s and daughter’s and we love accommodating everyone we can.




Want to book Robyn? For Inquiries into small group Sessions, Seminars, Demonstrations, or family readings, Please e-mail your pertinent contact information (Your full name, along with your telephone number(s) and please include the description of the event you are seeking) for rates and details: contact Robyn’s assistant at:

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