Robyn Z. has appeared and is featured as the Resident Medium on several FM and SIRIUS XM Stations and is known for her compelling accuracy in validating callers with the ones they love and have lost. She has also been featured in publications, newspapers, and TV. She is an electrifying guest, immediately at-ease in the studio, in front of an audience, or behind a microphone. Once she begins taking live callers on the radio, the switchboards light up like a Christmas tree, often jammed for hours and days after she appears. Robyn interacts and connects beautifully, making her appearances a lifetime experience in connecting to the other side. If you are ready to have a validating, humbling, rewarding, stimulating, and electrifying spiritual experience for everyone listening or watching, email us now and schedule Robyn Z. today.


Schedule an interview with Psychic Medium Robyn Z.To schedule an interview with Robyn Z. please email us at These are just some of the radio and television shows that Robyn Z. has been featured on in the past. For a full list of media appearances, one can be given upon request of a press kit.

Appearances :



Appearances :


Hits 97.3 The DJ Laz Morning Show

The DJ Laz Morning show ( Resident Medium “Medium Mondays”)

LA 96.3/ Latino 96.3

Playboy Radio SIRIUS X

MMaxim Radio – Covino & Rich SIRIUS XM

Howard Stern- Howard 101

SIRIUS XM (Host of Special show for Howard Stern)

KYIS FM- Resident Medium (Jack & Ron )


WRMF – Morning Show

WZTA- (Paul & Ron)

Mix 97 FM

105.3 The Zone FM

Mix 97.3 FM



DJ 106.7

102 Jamz FM

99.5 FM KBXG


Kiss Country- (Garabo morning show)

Appearances on

T.V.Deco Drive(Sunbeam)



Robyn Z’s Guidelines To better assist you when booking Robyn Z., please follow her guidelines for listeners calling into your show so that they are able to experience the best reading possible.


Robyn does not want any information about anyone calling in, ever. Once she hears the caller’s voice, and often before an interview, she will get bombarded from the other side with messages to convey to callers. As an empathetic medium, she feels physical pain of what someone felt before they passed. Please understand what Robyn does is not a Crystal Ball reading, a tealeaf reading, and she is not a fortune teller. We understand there are many different styles of readers out there, some notably more “fine tuned” and skilled than others. What separates Robyn Z. from the rest is that she is honest and humble, funny, yet incredibly accurate. For over a decade, Radio Personalities have made it known that she is a wonderful guest and have given her the honor of not only appearing once on their station, but making her exclusive to their “Resident Medium” where she appears weekly, or monthly. She encompasses Honesty, Integrity and walks the Medium road with humility. Robyn states “Being able to demonstrate mediumship on media platforms such as Radio, publications, and television, is an amazing portal to demonstrate to the public, that the soul survives consciousness”


(Below are guidelines so you can prep your audience before Robyn Z. appears)


To better explain my role as the Medium, I feel it is important that I educate you about what my mission is personally. When you are having a reading with me, this is a combination process between your loved ones who have passed on and myself to convey specific information for you. I have five senses that encompass me as a Medium, The senses for me are as follows: I am able to hear (Clairaudient) see, (Clairvoyance) feel (Empathy of what your loved ones felt before they passed away), Taste (fire, smoke, burning etc) and sense. Please have an open heart and mind. Know that this is all about love.


I will provide truthful, descriptive, detailed, accurate, and validated information for you regarding what you and your loved ones who have passed on shared together here in the psychical realm as well as other intimate details that only you and your loved ones will know about. When I am connected with the other side and channeling, I feel very much a part of your family. PLEASE write down everything I am conveying from spirit, Names, dates, etc, as they may not register right away and you will find that information validated through family or friends etc.


With a gentle firm tone, I ask that you please refrain from opening up with very important and sensitive information. I will give you an example of what I don’t want: Hi this is ___, My grandfather passed in the month of ______, From ________, you want to have the best reading possible, so please again be open, and to better assist me in what I am doing as the medium, you can feel free to validate the Names, Months, Dates, Images etc with me as I am going. All I am asking you is to not divulge the information. This is my job.


“My mission is to create awareness, and to bring to light that there is much more than what a person sees in front of them. To seek Spiritual enlightenment, you love your loved ones, and they still love you. Even if you cannot physically touch them, or hold them, the soul survives consciousness. This is my calling, I am here to bring you truth, validation, comfort, and a loving, peaceful, healing reunion” - Robyn Z

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