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Spiritual Empowerment Mentor &  Business Coaching Offers

More often than not when people first initially contact me, they are going through the absolute darkest time in their lives.  It is an honor and privilege to be the very first lifeline that people contact when a loved one has crossed over to the afterlife. 


What separates me from the rest?  (Not only am I a spiritual empowerment mentor and coach) I am a master of my craft in mediumship and clairvoyance and specialize in activating, empowering, and igniting the souls of female entrepreneurs and businesses into their divine potential and greatness to experience a full 360 turnaround and transformation.


I am known to my clients as their very own “best kept secret.” 


and…Because I have experienced complete transformation myself it is time to bring my gifts direct to you.


Ive upleved my business in an exciting new direction, and have been doing Spiritual empowerment and Business Coaching women entrepreneurs in  coaching packages 30, 60, 90 days,  Yearly, and VIP Intensive days ( this is done  with you and I via phone,  virtual or in person depending of course if you are coming to FL or want me to fly to you)  I’m specializing in the areas of women charging what they’re truly worth and how to package your divine expertise into services for your business that  increase  your income, making your business easier to run, and giving you more freedom all while inspiring and  mentoring you into  stepping into your full potential while giving you the tools and keys to harness your own unique abilities and rock them with ease while finding your calling, and self-worth all while skyrocketing your financial and spiritual wealth!  

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