First, and foremost, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have submitted your testimonials over the years, they are all beautiful, and your words of love and integrity are all they exude. The truth is, you have eternal love for the people whom you love and have lost, and I would not be able to be a Medium without you and the ones you have lost, communicating with me. I always credit you, and your loved ones who have passed on for me to be able to give you the validation. For those of you viewing these Testimonials, I am very proud to say that each and every Testimonial on this page are Authentic from real clients of mine, in which event I feel honored to put them here. Knowing that you are at peace and validated, in turn you have validated me. I am proud to share your powerful and enlightening references. I feel so grateful to be in this line of work. I thank each and every one of you.


(Kindly Note: if you have had a reading with Psychic Medium Robyn Z, and you found her information that she has provided to be strikingly evidential and compelling, and would like your Testimonial to be placed here on the official worldwide website of robynz.com please email Robyn at robyn@robynz.net)

Jackie Gagnon Coconut Creek, Florida
Babette Linton Bangor, Maine
in honor of Kelly

I started to see Robyn Z many years ago. Like many other Skeptics out there, I did not give her my name, email address or anything, in fact, a friend of mine setup the meeting with her. Our first meeting she just blew me away with the many things that she knew about me and my family. Honestly, there is no way that someone without her talents would know. She certainly is the “Real Deal” when it comes to psychic/medium abilities. I have years of stories to share, but am writing this to share my most recent reading. In December of 2012, I had a meeting with Robyn. In this meeting she had told me that I was going to have a baby in 2013. I honestly didn’t know what to think when she told me. I don’t talk much about my personal life and certainly hadn’t told Robyn our plans but my husband and I had been trying for so long to conceive we just were not getting anywhere. Robyn went on to tell me:

1.That I was going to have a baby in 2013.

2.That the baby would have something to do with the number

3.That I was going to have a boy.

4.That he would have green/hazel eyes.

5.That I would be on bed rest.

6. would have end up with Preeclampsia

7.I would have emergency C-Section.

8.Everything would be fine.

I certainly did not believe her. However, she told me that I was getting help from above and I would defiantly have my baby in 2013. Well come to find out on February 14th that I was in fact pregnant with our first child. The baby was conceived on February 3, 2013. Our son was born on October 16, 2013. If you are a skeptical you would know that there would be no way anyone without Robyn’s talents would know that I would be having a baby the following year – Not to mention that he was conceived on the 3rd, it was in fact a boy, I was put on strict bed rest, I did develop preeclampsia and had an emergency C-Section Year after year,

Robyn always seems to amazes me. Her ability is amazing and has always been on point with me. If you are looking for a psychic medium to know about your future or connect with loved ones that have passed on, Robyn Z is your one stop shop. She is the most amazing psychic medium I have ever met. I can’t wait to meet with her again.


Written with love,Jackie G.

Wendy Dennis Campbell

Thank you Robyn Z. for connecting me with Rick. You helped bring peace and understanding to a tragic passing. I will always be grateful, and I love you Robyn first spoke with me on KYIS FM in Oklahoma City in 2003 after my mother passed away. I was blown away that with only my first name, she said, "Oh my God... your mom!" And told me she had passed, what I did to honor her memory, and described who she was with. When my husband passed in February 2013, she told me how and when he passed, and connected the two of us. We spoke directly to each other, through her. He told me about things only he and I knew. I have had 4 readings. Robyn is unquestionably accurate, compassionate, and a loving soul. On my 3rd reading Rick sent the number "12" to Robyn. Nobody knew what this meant except the two of us and my daughter. Rick found a sign of the number and brought it home to keep in his office. Here's a photo of the sign. It meant "I don't like you anymore!" When he would tease me.


(Smiles) In Light,Wendy

Lamay Ruiz
Margate, Florida

Today is one of the happiest days of my life. I was able to reach Psychic Medium Robyn Z. from DJ 106.7 and had a reading performed. I haven't felt so much closure and peach in my life. To be able to connect with my grandmother and grandfather who have passed away was one of the most amazing feelings. I had so many unanswered questions and confusing since my grandmothers passing. I know we are all skeptics but I can honestly say from the moment she answered my call she was right about months mentioned, things mentioned, and questions answered. I'm so blessed to have experienced this closure that I really needed today. As my grandmother & grandfather mentioned I can ''sleep in peace'' now. Te amo abluelita angel del cielo desde Mayo 4, 2013.

Thank you so much Robyn Z.!

Lamay Ruiz

Veronica V.

Dear Robyn,


How do i start? First of all you are amazing & i thank you from the bottom of my heart for today’s reading. Let me just say that you are the real deal.This was a reunion of sorts for my grandfather & myself who i call “Papi” to this day. Robyn felt a choking sensation when she called me, i started crying within the first 10 minutes; well Papi died of lung cancer & his lungs were filled with fluid and choked in his last moments. She said he has his arms around you, when he died i was holding his hand and moments before i laid in the bed with him and his arms were wrapped around me. I asked Papi for specific things in my life, i knew he had to go. Robyn mentioned this scenario and that he has been watching over us like i asked him & he hasnt gone anywhere else. She brought up 2 years 1996 & 2007 once again shocked, in these years i was pregnant. She brought up the month of may, the number 11, the date of the 17th, a taurus & a “D” name, little do you know that my sons name is Devante born on may 17th (taurus baby) and will be 11 this year. WOW is all i can say. She saw 4 candles, again the tears came; I have a picture of Papi when he was younger with the 4 candles, which i constantly have lit for him. She brought up a small silver revolver that he kept showing her, well he was a police officer in Cuba before Fidel Castro took over. She brought up the Desperado themesong with a lasso being shown to her, Papi loved western movies. The name Debbie was brought up, i just remembered Miss Debbie was my music teacher in middle school and she allowed me to do solos & be the junior choir director. Music & dancing was brought up over and over again in my reading, she didnt know that i had studied dancing professionally from the time i was 3-15 years old, i played piano for 9 years, i played clarinet for 3 years, i took singing lessons & even when i lived up north i was a choir director for 2 churches. My therapy is music & always has been, she didnt know this but every symbol she got made so much sense to me. The eye of the tiger song & cats the musical was mentioned, once again i danced those songs in my recitals when i was a child. She told me that i needed to go back to new york city and i have been struggling to go back there because of my family here. I have always wanted to go back to the city ever since i moved here on 12/29/2004, my friends & family know where that is where my heart lies. She said Florida will always be my home base, but I will never achieve my goals here & that I needed it to be truly happy. OH MY GOD, SO TRUE!!!! Last year was a difficult year for me, i was hurt (Love issues) & then got pregnant. But she brought up my 2 sons (1 in spirit), well i have a boy & a girl. But the plot thickens, she didnt know i was pregnant with twins and miscarried my son at 4 months pregnant. I cried cuz i knew Papi had my baby boy with him and she told me just that. She brought up J names all over my family & the name Jazmine. Funny, but Papi’s name is Jose, my grandmother’s name is Julia, my cousin who is 10 years old (his great grand child) her name is Julie & Jazmine was the first name my son chose for his little sister, but we went with another towards the end, also my son who is in spirit was to be named Jose after Papi. She mentioned a tattoo that I will be getting for him & everyone knows that I have been planning to get one for him since he passed away. My grand great mother came through and teaching was mentioned, well she was a teacher in cuba and home schooled all the children on the farm. Justice was mentioned regarding me and that I am going to win, well I am in the process of custody & paternity for my daughter, once again I cried so hard, because that is a sore and very painful issue to me. She also said that my daughter has his persona and she was correct. That he is watching both of my children Devante & Izabella and has my baby boy Jose with him. Oprah Winfrey & Michael Jackson were brought up and these were inside jokes between me & Papi. LOL he still is cracking jokes even in the afterlife. Lula was brought up and my friends know that Lula is the name Devante (my son)calls my mother. The symbol of a peacock was mentioned well this represents the prayer to Our Lady of Charity-Mary the mother of Jesus (in Spanish is Caridad del Cobre) in which I had a candle for Papi and also related to my mother. My creative & musical side has been dead for a really long time because my children are my priorities, and at 9am this morning I wrote the question down will I ever be in the music industry again and should I go to broadcasting school, and this was confirmed with a yes and she saw red carpets & stars for me. She asked me if I had my own company and I said no that I worked for one and she said you will have your own company regarding the music industry. It has been a life long dream to own a production company and I never mentioned it. You know I will pursue my education in broadcasting that’s a guarantee now more than ever. I have done background vocals for local artists for many years and even danced for some others.One of my childhood dreams is BROADWAY and guess what she mentioned that too. Well I can keep going on, but now my journey is just beginning all over again and I will keep it moving forward and thank you so much for reading this and Robyn may God bless you, your family, your beautiful children & all your loved ones. Peace & Blessings.


Veronica V.

West Palm Beach, FL

I am not the best at writing testimonials, but here goes! I had my first ever psychic medium reading yesterday (3/18/2014) with Psychic Medium Robyn Z. she put me completely at ease in the first minutes of our conversation. Robyn was able to connect with my loved ones and gave me more information and peace than I could have possibly hoped for. She is very compassionate and funny and it is obvious right away that she cares very deeply about her clients. She feels like your best friend, easy to talk to and spot on accurate! If I could rate my reading in stars, I would have to count all the stars in the sky to give you a number!She gave my family so much peace and confirmation and connecting with my loved ones that have passed is priceless. THANK YOU ROBYN...until next time,


Light & Love, Babette

Christine Smith Pittsburgh, Penn

On March 15, 2014 I received an incredible reading, and a true gift from the wonderful renowned Psychic Medium Robyn Z. She blessed me with great news from my living and deceased loved ones. As Robyn talked to me, I was astonished by her point on accuracy about my life and loved ones!! Robyn also told me that my loved ones were safe and over joyed to see me. Robyn knew their names, sex and, relationship to me. Robyn also knew how my loved ones passed away... suicide, murder and natural causes. Robyn even knew of a particular gift one had given me before her death. Robyn stated the gift was that of a wolf. I indeed, was given a wolf necklace charm that not one knew of. Robyn proceeded to tell me that a woman named Barbra told her that I could come to her for guidance. My Aunt Barbra was a fantastic artist who I always went to for help in artistic endeavors. My Aunt Barbra died when I was just beginning my journey into the art world. I respected my aunt and always wished she would have been around to see how far I've come. Amazingly, Robyn told me about my girlfriend’s father who also passed away. Robyn told me he came to me to tell my girlfriend he loved her very much and was very proud of her. This is truly fascinating because my girlfriend’s father visits me often and always proclaims his love for her. I thought I was going crazy but, Robyn reassured me that I am not. Robyn told me that the deceased know I will pass along their messages. Robyn also mentioned people in my life Bill and Lisa are just two of the people she mentioned. I forgot about any Bill's in my life, I know Lisa and think of her a lot. Then I remembered Bill, oh how could I forget Bill? Bill is my ex's brother, he was always there for me as well as Lisa, I just simply lost touch with him. Robyn gave me so much information that was truly impossible for her to know without having such a gift as hers! I believe she is truly a psychic medium. I am living proof of her skills and gifts that she cherishes. As Robyn would say "Love and Light" You can also have your own session with Robyn! Robyn's e-mail is robyn@robynz.net. I highly recommend Robyn to give you your reading!!! Robyn is truly AMAZING and her talents are beyond belief!!! Thank all of you for reading my adventures~ (there is so much I have not covered in this post but, everything I have covered simply brings to light the other side of life with love). Robyn you will never know (okay, you will) how much your capabilities of reaching my loved ones has changed my life!! I was horrified to think any one of them would burn in eternal hell for their actions here on earth. I did not realize how people could be forgiven because their minds were not quite right to a fault of their own. Robyn, What really amazed me (the most) was how you knew their names and how they passed!!! Your abilities are beyond my comprehension but, I am so happy you were blessed with these skills!


Love,Christine Smith

Angie Nickens Nevins
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Photo of her mom)

Robyn, this is my mom, Janet. You are amazing. I can't stop smiling after such an incredible experience.


Thank you! Angie

Cynthia Alfred Miller  Miami, Florida

Dear Robyn ,


You are truly amazing.So much of what you told me was right on the money. To know you saw my husband healthy and strong and his message of him not being skinny any longer or the fact you saw him with dreadlocks was amazing. You even mentioned his personality that to was so true. You told I had to go find a picture I had of my husband break dancing on his head but you where confused why he was doing that with dress shoes on. I remember telling you I had no picture like that but you told me go and look through pictures that I would find this picture. You were right! One of the few pictures we have of my husband as a youth. Thank you for providing comfort. I found the feather you told me he would send. Just amazing.


Love,Cynthia M.


Robyn,You did a reading for me and I have never been the same in such a wonderful way.I want to tell you thank you. I got you off the phone really quick at the end of the hour and now wish I hadn’t. I was so stunned by the things that you said to me I just had to sit for a while and absorb it all. I was literally “stunned into silence” (which is amazing for me!). I honestly never expected to hear so many things that made sense, and hear things that no one could have known except for someone who was talking to my mother. You immediately identified my middle name (Nan – an odd one), my mother’s name initial, her grandfather’s name, her birth date, and so so many things that identified her positively. You mentioned her showing you an open body with organs and pointing to a space below her intestines – saying that only I would understand. My mother died from ovarian cancer. She was pointing to her ovaries. You told me about England – and an “AL” name – and old parliament and courts going on. My mother’s families were the “Alderman’s” and her great great grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. They were leaders in England. You told me about her standing with colorful glasses and dishes. My mother, when she retired, opened an antiques store and she specialized in Depression glass. I have it all over my house. She even taught classes on it. I couldn’t believe it. You told me about her perfume – you kept saying Channel or something similar. I didn’t figure this out until a week or two later, because my mother only wore one type of perfume (because she had allergies and they all gave her a headache). I couldn’t remember what it was…until I woke up one day and remembered. She wore “Chantilly”. You told me about a tire swing in my back yard. We surely had one – a big one - and she pushed my son in it for hours when she was sick the two years before she died. You told me that she was a strong communicator. My mother had a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Education and she was a high school vice principal. She was a community speaker and did grief seminars for widows. It was my mother, my mother, and my mother. You straight up told me my brother’s name (Tim) and his son’s name (Michael). You said she was saying something about my dad and Pavarotti. My father is a professional singer – tenor. The most wonderful things you told me were that my mother said “it is ok… it is ok”. I missed my mother’s death and had a very hard time prior to her death being in the room with her. She was violently ill and I would panic about it, start crying and have to leave the room and it was really really hard for me. I always have felt guilty for not being there. I laid in the bed with her the day before she died and told her I loved her, and she said it back, but that was the last time I saw her or spoke to her. I also never had a single dream about her in 10 years – I never felt her presence. I was so sad about it. When you told me she was with Michael, my nephew - watching over him – it made sense. Michael has been very troubled and I totally understand if my mom has been watching over him. But you also told me that my mother was telling me to “do what is right and you know what that is”. Honestly, that was what I needed to hear from my mom. I had cried many tears over the last year wishing I could ask my mom “what to do” about a particular situation in my life. That is exactly the answer I would have expected from my mother. Exactly. And she’s right, and I know it, and she knows I know it. J I think you are fabulous. I know you do this every day, but you brought me comfort and you totally relieved some anxieties I have had that have even affected me physically… by bringing my mother closer to me. Although I haven’t really felt her presence since we talked I know I will. I know it. Maybe I have and I just don’t even realize it. I can’t wait to talk to you again someday.

Thank you for what you do.


Jackie Gagnon Coconut Creek, Florida
David CBS Radio
Fresno, CA

Dear Robyn, I wanted to write and thank you again for the reading you gave in regards to my father. My name is Dave and I work with KSKS in Fresno, CA. For the last nine years I’ve had nothing but questions about the untimely passing of my father. Everything from, “Is he safe where he is now?” to “Does he still know what’s going on in all of our lives?” But more importantly, I’ve never been able to fully cope with and let go of the tragic accident that took him from my family and me. I’ve tried talking to him in my prayers and visiting his grave to find any kind of answer and always to no avail (or so I thought). But when I talked to you and you mentioned all the things you did, from my brother and nephews, all the way to the car I bought after he passed, I knew he was still watching and at that moment I knew he would always be with me. Then you mentioned a name. The name you mentioned was that of my father’s absolute best friend in the world. A friend that had passed on years and years prior to my father. You told me that they were together and that they were ok. And for the first time in nearly a decade, I believed it. I knew then that my father was safe and with loved ones. Immediately after speaking with you I contacted my mother and brother and all of us were just beside ourselves at the accuracy of my reading and we all truly rejoiced at the news. I can’t now nor will I probably ever be able to express with any kind of accuracy how amazing that feeling was and how appreciative I am to you for giving it to me. Everything I’ve carried for nearly the last decade was gone in less time than it takes a tear to fall. I now have the closure I’ve so desperately been seeking. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of my father just one last time and for showing me that no matter what, he will always be a part of me. With great respect and appreciation


David CBS Radio

Kevin Shannon
Boca Raton, Florida

I can rave about Robyn Z for days. She is a very gifted Medium. When I had my 1st reading with Robyn like most people I was very skeptical. I didn’t want her to track me any which way so, I was very careful to not give her any of my personal information (ex: last name, credit cards, email address etc). I even went as far as having one of my friends book the appointment for me. To my surprise she hit so many things that nobody knew. She picked up that my parents were from New York. That my whole family (including dogs) all started with the letter J, That my sister in law’s sister was in one of the trade centers when the disaster struck. She even picked up that I liked to sing. When Robyn began to read the future to me, she went on to tell me that I am going to be going through a lot of changes. She felt that I was going to be starting over. Robyn foresaw my job changing, that I am going to be moving and I will be around a new crowd of people. She said that these changes are going to be really good for me and not to be scared or upset when these changes start to take place. I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about. I loved the job I was in, loved where I was living and I already had a great bunch of friends. It wasn’t but 2 months later things started to change for me. I was passed over for a deserved promotion at work, I hated where I was living and my friends started to move away. She was absolutely correct, I got a new job at work, I moved into a new apartment where it is absolutely beautiful and I started hanging around a new set of people who started showing me that there is more to life than work. This part really made me a believer in Robyn Z. When I walked into her home for my reading, she had asked me if I had known anyone who had passed away. I told her the only people that had passed away were my great grandparents. She said that she saw this young guy who is very persistent and wants me to know he was alright. We began my reading and she had to stop because this guy was back. She said that he isn’t a friend of mine but a friend of my brother’s. He wants me to tell him that he is alright and to tell my brother congratulations. She went in to tell me that this guy had drowned. I still had no idea who this guy was, but promised that I would deliver the message to my brother. On the way home I called brother to find out if he had known anyone that had passed. He had told me that one of his college buddies had past away. Then it hit me who this was. I couldn’t believe it. There was a lot of mystery around Drew’s death, he drowned in an inch of water. They were not sure if it was a suicide or just an accident. I told my brother what was said and he told me that he thinks of him often and always wondered if he was alright. My brother went on to inform me that he was just named policeman of year (that day).Now tell me.. How can someone who has never met you, know so much about your life? Robyn Z is the real deal. I have been back to see her many times and she has been accurate. She is worth every penny!


Jackie Coconut Creek, FL

 A friend for whom she had done a reading introduced me to Robyn a couple of years ago. Listening to my friend and her account of the things that Robyn mentioned during the reading peaked my interest. One thing that in particular was a reference made to a deceased loved one by his real name, which was only listed on his birth certificate. No one other than the family knew of his real name. Never having had a reading prior to this, I guess I was still a bit skeptical as it related to me. Not anymore! I have had several readings by Robyn, and each one is unique and special in its own way. During my first reading, she connected with one of my grandmothers who passed away a number of years ago. She explained of family turmoil which was going on prior to her death and how things had not been handled the way she wanted them to, but that she was at peace with things. Robyn even named a cousin who was involved with this situation, and trust me, it is not a name you hear every day. In speaking with my parents other things that Robyn mentioned about this situation, of which I was not aware, were very true indeed. Robyn also asked if my grandparents (on both sides of the family were close). She indicated that it was unusual but they all seemed to be together. My mom’s parents and my dad’s mother were all friends. Knowing that they are all still together makes me very happy. During another reading, I had just had to put a very much-loved animal to sleep after she became ill. Robyn assured me thatshe was just fine and said that she was with Tabitha and Sam. Again, did not mean anything to me, but when I mentioned this to my parents, they informed me that when I was young we had family pets named Tabitha and Sam. Well, I could go on forever about the accurateness of Robyn’s readings and her true gift. As I said, I have been to her for additional readings and I look forward to continuing to do so. She will make you feel very welcome if you are a “first timer” and will live up to any expectations for those of you who have had readings by other individuals. I cannot wait to see what my next reading reveals!



Boca Raton, Florida

South Florida

To whom it may concern, After receiving a reading from Robyn Z., I wish to both commend her abilities and thank her! Her reading was of a true Medium. She was able to connect with my dad and give me insight and information only privy to myself and my father. Robyn obviously connects to a pure spirit source, and is sensitive and compassionate in her work. She was put here on Earth for a higher purpose, and I hope she will pursue this to continue to help others. Love and goodness are all she exudes! Thank you Robyn for making a positive difference in so many people’s lives!


Ellen, South Florida

Tim Baldy
Chicago, Illinois

 After using a variety of Psychics over the years and was less than satisfied with the results, I had heard about Robyn Z. and decided to give her a try. From our initial conversations prior to the actual Reading, I could tell Robyn was different. Her warm, friendly personality put me at ease as she explained how the process works. The actual Reading was far greater than anything I had ever expected or imagined. Not only was I fortunate to have many of the people I wanted to reach come through from the other side, Robyn was able to provide vivid details of their characteristics and personalities and well as accurately convey messages from the other side, answers to several of my questions and explanations about things from the past that I did not understand. With my own research I was able to confirm much of what Robyn had shared. Robyn had a remarkable ability to "Zero In" on specific individuals and bring their messages through from the other side. Robyn's own personality made me more comfortable during the reading as I was able to understand the messages that were coming across. She also solidified my own beliefs and made me more understanding with the whole "crossing over" process. I sincerely believe that Robyn is one of the best, if not the best Psychics in the world and I look forward to working with her again and again!


Sincerely, Tim Baldy

Arizona, USA

Dee Dee Black,

 I have been to mediums before. I’ve seen good and awful, but I instantly I knew I wanted a reading with Robyn. Little did I know how deeply she would impact my life? Her ability to connect with loved ones and communicate is priceless. Her accuracy is uncanny and truly amazing. She has a wonderful psychic gift and uses it to help others. Robyn also has a warm, caring personality. You can’t help but love her. Robyn and I discussed many items but the main reason for my reading was to get some answers regarding the death of my daughter. She had been killed a few months earlier, my infant grandson was missing for almost a week, and her killer was still missing. My life had been turned upside down. Robyn knew nothing of the details or anything that had happened, much less anything about my life or me. We live clear across the country from each other and had never met. Through her psychic ability Robyn was reached my daughter’s spirit. She just started relaying and communicating information and details without any prior knowledge. I was constantly amazed by her ability to provide factual details, several that were known only to myself, my daughter, and a select few close friends, who had never heard of Robyn until I later told them about her and my reading. Her details of the investigation were just as the authorities had told me. She answered all my questions (and more), addressed all my concerns, clarified issues, and gave me the peace of mind I so desperately needed. Robyn is definitely authentic and accurate to a fault, yet caring and concerned. She is a Godsend. Since my reading, I have developed a wonderful friendship with Robyn that will last beyond this lifetime. Believe me, she is the real thing. I can’t wait to meet you in person Robyn. Be ready for the biggest, thankful hug ever!


Dee Dee Black,California

Cynthia Hengge,

 I would like to express my gratitude to Robyn for all the amazing information she has shared with me. She not only connects with Spirit, she gives names, places and pertinent information that prove she is genuine. From my first reading she amazed me with details that only family or I would know. My favorite part of that reading was when she started to name childhood pets that were coming through for me.Robyn has read me three times over the past year now and the parting always leaves me feeling comforted. I sit with coffee in hand and carefully scribe every word she says. The messages from family and friends that have passed on, to the forecasting of things to come get written in my book. Everything she has told me about the past and future has been true and I love to experience the unfolding (good and bad). Having Robyn read you is like having coffee and sharing secrets with your best friend.


Cynthia Hengge,Oklahoma

Jack Elliot - 98.9 KISS FM Oklahoma City

Robyn Z has been a regular guest on our radio show in Oklahoma City for more than three years. On every occasion she has amazed us and our audience with revelations about people who have crossed-over. Quite often she has been able to actually ‘name’ the individual who is coming-thru. The listener on the line is shocked to hear things only he or she would know. Robyn is also able to see things yet to happen. She told my partner and I on two different occasions about radio awards she saw us winning, and both came true.


Jack Elliott KYIS FM


On Nov 24, 2014, at 8:56 PM, "


I have been listening to Robyn Z. for a very long time on DJ Laz’s various morning shows and I have always tried calling in and never have been able to get thru, but this day I knew that I was going to get to speak to her.  I finally got thru on ALL HITS 97.3FM  on October 31st , 2014.  I waited on the phone for about 2 hours and was the last caller.   I always wondered if she was REAL. She started talking to me and I had chills all over my body.  She said things that nobody would have known and at that point I knew she was the REAL thing.


I decided to go see to get a personal reading in person about a week later.  I was very apprehensive and nervous at first and then when she first said I see a spirit over you and that means family and she started describing this person with really cute things and  she immediately got up to get me tissue as I started weeping. 


She gave me some sure signs and I knew immediately who my Angel was.  She brought out things that no one could know but someone that had amazing light like her.  She said things that I did not understand at first but as I started I got deep into thought I realized who and what she was talking about.   She also told me that it would be a good idea to tape the section into my phone and boy was that I good idea.  I have listened to the tape over and over again and each time I listen i understand more.  I am blessed and grateful to have met her.  I have faith hope and love back in my heart





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