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Robyn was born in Queens, NY, grew up on Long Island and moved to South Florida in her early teens. Rewinding backwards for a moment, she walked two roads, one being a natural born medium, and the other a gift for singing. When she was 8 years old her mediumistic abilities encompassed her. It began as precognitions and predictions. Robyn knew things before they would happen, and she would pass messages along to people. A little time passed and the “Intense Visions” that Robyn saw happening as if a film is running, did in fact happen. As Robyn became older, she became aware that she was seeing deceased spirits of family members of people. With the deceased spirit, she received compelling information in her mind’s eye that would later be confirmed and validated.

Robyn Says: “I really did not know at such a young age, how to deal with what I was encountering, and honestly, it was very freaky back then! Large crowds were extremely disturbing because I could see images, symbols, impressions around people, and information would start coming in rapidly for me, including names, months, numbers and things that I really did not want to know” She goes on to explain that it made no difference if one person was standing in front of her, or a large crowd.

" I knew then, that a new mission was finding me, one, I never expected”,

Robyn states.

In 1998 Robyn met a very well respected and world-renowned famous Medium. This Medium told her important things yet to happen for her, including telling her not to be afraid and that she would be doing what they are doing. A few years later, Robyn had her very first client for a Reading and then the referrals started pouring in. Robyn has not only hosted her own show on Howard Stern 101, but she has appeared on SIRIUS XM stations such as Playboy Radio with Tiffany Granath, Maxim Radio, WPOW FM, HITS 97.3 with DJ LAZ, plus numerous FM radio stations across the country.

Robyn Z. is available for phone and private sessions. She can also be heard on a variety of radio and television programs to demonstrate her abilities in connecting with the ones we have loved and lost.

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Robyn’s unique ability to recognize spirits and their specific messages has made her the go to celebrity psychic medium and has made her famous for remarkable validations and compelling accuracy.

Sage, Incense,



To better understand who I am as a Psychic Medium, I feel it is important to educate you about what my personal mission entails especially in the profession that is my calling. Besides me being quirky and fun, quite often, the term “Psychic” can get completely misconstrued as being a quack, or reminding one of a traveling gypsy at a carnival fairground, one who has a sign on the side of the street, or a charlatan preying on innocent people to make the sitter believe obscure things that are not true.


Please, if you have ever encountered one of the above experiences, walk away and don’t look back.


On a very important note, Every Medium is Psychic and not every Psychic is a Medium. Don’t let that confuse you. Simply put, you are best to obtain a Mediumistic reading from a trusted referral or word of mouth. At the same time, I educate myself constantly and evolve moving into a whole new era of mediumship and science for a better understanding of how the soul survives consciousness.


I can only speak for myself in my personal missions. I hold very high Ethical Standards as a Psychic Medium. That being said, as I walk this remarkable and quirky road as a Medium with humility, I am sincerely dedicated to the field of Mediumship and I take my work with great pride.


My ethical principles are as follows and shall remain: In a personal reading with me, your information and anything that is shared with me is strictly confidential and remains only between you and I. Think of me as your forever bestie, trusted best friend, and confidante. I have read thousands of people from all walks of life (Celebs included) and you can rest assured that my lips are shut and sealed. I shall always maintain your complete privacy.


 In our time together, I will provide truthful, descriptive, and detailed information for you regarding what I see around you and your loved ones who have passed on. I will describe what you may have shared together here in the psychical realm as well as other intimate details that only you and your loved ones will know about.


Basically, when you and I connect, I become part of your family and the deceased individual. I will always strive to the very best of my abilities in assisting you but in all ways, so that you feel peace and comfort.


There are five senses that I encompass as a Medium. I am able to hear, (Clairalience) see, (Clairvoyance) feel (Empathy of what your loved ones felt before they passed away), Taste (fire, smoke, burning) and sense.


I have the honor of working hand in hand with wonderful people in the media arena, and continue to do so, not only for entertainment purposes, but to help people with creating awareness that the soul survives consciousness. I will continue to be on Radio, Television, and Print Publications that feature me as a Medium and through creating public awareness of what I do as a Medium, it does in fact, open the eyes of so many and brings spiritual enlightenment and of course, Entertainment.


We cannot dismiss that in this new wave of public awareness, that so much of what I do as my profession which was once talked about behind closed doors is now widely sought after. It is wonderful to see that! My Mission is to create awareness, and to bring to light that there is much more than what a person sees in front of them.




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