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  • Do you see Dead People?
    Yes! I really see them! Through my mind’s eye, a Discarnate look very much like a glowing “silhouette” around a living person. They do not look scary to me. The discarnate will show me exactly what they want too. I will begin to hear sensitive information that only you or your family and friends will know about. EG: I have five senses as a Medium, I can hear, sense, taste, and feel. Your loved ones will often show me their appearance, I will get impressions, images, sounds, voice, tone, and they will go on to completely validate themselves so as long as they want to share this information with me to you.
  • What will my loved one who passed away say or show?
    They will say things that are significant that need validation. The person you love who has passed on will recollect a ton of information such as numbers, dates, names, events, and memories. They will show me anything that they want too and can to jog your memory. Basically, anything that is important for me to convey from them to you. If your loved one had a joking personality, they will present themselves to me exactly that way.
  • What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?
    Every Medium is Psychic. Every Psychic is not a Medium.
  • Is there a Religion practice for you being a Psychic Medium?
    No. I do not believe being born a psychic medium has anything to do with religion. I firmly believe that the soul survives consciousness and no matter what religious background or walk of life you are from, the bottom line is that you love your loved ones, and they love you. My role as the Medium is to bring you together for a loving, peaceful reunion bringing validation and peace.
  • How can I book my Reading with you?
    Easy! just go to the book your reading button and once you are there you will be able to choose the selected session of your choice. Because I specialize in several areas of the spectrum, there are many options. I have clients who enjoy monthly and bi- weekly sessions. Some clients have me on retainer. Every reading is made by appointment only and I am unavailable same day. Once you submit your payment via the PayPal button for the reading you choose and your payment is received, I will be emailing you confirmation so that you and I can schedule the best date and time that works for both of us.
  • Is there a difference between a phone session versus and in person session?
    Phone sessions are incredibly as accurate as in-person sessions. The only difference is that I wish I could hug you through the telephone! Your loved ones that have crossed over are going to want to communicate with you therefore you will be involved in the communication process with Robyn as she conveys messages from the other side.
  • How long does my Reading last? Do I call you, or do you call me?"
    It all depends on the type of session you are booking with me. For example: I am on retainer with select clientele who like to have a few hours a week spread out over time for my spiritual life coaching sessions whereas an afterlife and clairvoyant session are only one hour. If you would like to sign up for more sessions with me, then that can be arranged. I call you direct at the time of your scheduled appointment.
  • What is the difference in being Clairvoyant Verses being a Medium?
    There are five senses that I encompass. I can see, feel, taste, and hear, sense and I am able to feel what your loved ones felt here on the physical realm before they passed away. As a Medium, I am able to transmit messages from your loved ones who have passed away to you. Your loved ones who have passed away will want to convey specific details and sensitive information that only you and they will know about. Clairvoyance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception that it is claimed allows a person to perceive distant objects, persons, or events, including “seeing” through opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans (i.e. radio waves). Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) Clairgustance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception that it is claimed allows a person to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth. Those whom possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.
  • Will you see family members and/or friends together?
    Yes!! I see friends, family members, brothers, sisters, couples and everyone! Please keep in mind that if you are planning to have a session together as friends, or family that cross messengers and cross messages will come through to me. It is more than likely that more than one spirit will come through. Seeing people come together in a reading is a very comforting experience for all of us involved.
  • Can you tell me what to do with my life?
    I cannot. Your life is your free will. What I will do though, is guide you to the very best of my abilities. Spirit always guides me to guide you. It is up to you 100% which road you choose to take. I always look at it like we are driving on a highway together and I am reading you the signs. Some signs can take a left, or signal for me to show you the right or you can choose to stay in the middle. Ultimately though, it will always be you and your choices which will end up landing you on your path while I am right beside you on your journeys.
  • Will you see one person as well for a reading?
    Yes, absolutely! If one Spirit comes through for one person in a reading, there may be more spirits for that one person pertaining to family members in which case my client will be the “messenger” and the puzzle completely fits together.
  • Do dogs and animals come through in readings?
    Oh, my goodness yes! Quick stroll down memory lane, I had a reading many years back and the entire reading, I went on and on about red hair and freckles along with very sensitive information. It turned out at the end of our reading; my client was in happy tears. It turns out the whole reading I had connected to her dog, and this was exactly who she wanted to connect with. Dogs and animals have a magnificent way of coming through in a reading.
  • I have seen the Court TV show “Psychic Detectives”. Will you work with Families, or Law Enforcement that can use your abilities to assist in a case?"
    Yes, and I do work hand in hand with families, and or LE that is seeking assistance. Please make sure you have exhausted all of your resources before coming to me in this situation. I will not solicit families unless I am directly contacted by the family to be involved as an investigative tool. If you are a family member that is in urgent need of my abilities to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have assisted select clients over the years in retrospect to these types of cases.
  • What are your personal experiences while visiting places like hospitals. Do you see things? Do you hear things? Is there a lot of “activity”?
    As far as my experiences of being in “hospitals”. It is a highly sensitive area for me to be in. Since I have been in and out of hospitals with our family, etc. for most of my life, I always sense huge vibrations around hospitals. My first sense points me to where the “Morgue” is. Only because the moment I step into a hospital, that is my first sense and I taste. I can see the “Silhouettes” around the living, of those whom have passed. It becomes a very hard time for me, and yes, I pick up names of family members who have passed on, and by looking at someone who is in the hospital and is sick, I will know if they are already connected in some way shape or form to the other side, or if they will be going home. Hospitals are a “shake up” place for me, at the same time, there is a safety feeling knowing that the loved ones that are sitting there with their loved ones that are not feeling well are there with them, and that makes me happy. At times, I need to step foot right out of a hospital.
  • Let’s say I can communicate with my grandfather through you, then I must assume he is in the spirit world… which would then mean he cannot be among the living as a reincarnated soul. Does that question make sense? On the same theory… if someone absolutely does not come through during a reading, then perhaps could that mean the spirit has been reincarnated and in unable to be reached."
    Your Question makes a lot of sense, and I believe that the Soul (Spirit) can be at 3 or 4 different places at once, Hence, for example: when I read you and say your grandfather came through for me, then he is at the same time with you & I and your energy. Meaning he can travel at light speed. He goes right back to you after you & I end our reading. In answer to your question, it is tough to say if someone cannot be reached, when I read, I do not go just until yesterday or 7 years ago, I can go back centuries and that tends to put me in a trance like state, it has happened even recently here for a Private reading, for the first time I tranced into the 1800′s. It is very possible to your theory that in fact a Soul has been reincarnated and cannot be reached. Also, in light of that, remember that if someone does not come through in a reading, that could mean the Grandfather you are speaking about, he may have had a reserved persona and would not want to take center stage as I am connected with the other side for those who may have had an “eccentric” persona here.
  • Here’s an odd question… could I try to communicate with someone I never knew…. like a great great great grandfather who has been dead for 120 years? In theory, if all things were possible, then the messages could be transferred “down” from generation to generation because I knew my grandmother, who knew her grandmother who knew her father, etc. etc.….?"
    Yes, absolutely you can try to connect with someone you never knew, however what we all must realize is we all know each other, as there are no coincidences. Often people seem to think in their minds “but I never knew him”, I have heard that a lot. If I am reading, and a great grandmother comes through as the first person, at times, people will say” but I never knew them”. My answer is… “They Know You!” The look on their faces is of shock. This does in fact happen to me, and sometimes people only want to hear from the actual person they are seeking out. 89% of my readings, I connect with the person they are seeking, however at times, I feel it is important that a great grandmother would come through for someone and if that person does not want to hear from them, I will cut off the energy because I want the sitter to be happy with who I feel around them, etc. They are transferred down from generation to generation. Thank you for this question. I feel it is very important to understand that a soul that is 120 years old will come through.
  • First…I believe in reincarnation. Do you think I’m wrong?
    No, you are not wrong for believing in Reincarnation, there is no “Right or Wrong” in this belief. It is a belief, in my belief for example: My dog is reincarnated from the dog I had when I was eight years old, she even answers to the name I had of the Dog at the age of eight, she has the same disposition, and looks identical. I absolutely consider her reincarnated and she came back as a dog again. The Dog I had that I loved so much at eight Years old passed from Cancer and my dog now was healed of Cancer. I absolutely believe my Dog came back and for real purposes.
  • The only thing I question about my own belief about reincarnation is why I was able to communicate with so many people in my reading…. in other words, why haven’t they crossed back to being among the living?"
    The Reason you were able to communicate with so many people in your Reading is because you are Open to Hear from those who you love, you also talk to them every day in your head. Your Thoughts go out to them and they reciprocate with signs and answers. What is most important for people to try to understand is that our body is a shell, and we must try to treat it as a temple while we are here. It is our Soul’s that live on and communicate in my belief system. Everyone has a soul. They can if they choose too, come back to the living, in answer to your question. Example: I remember being asked do I want to come back. I remember being in my mother’s tummy and I vividly could see the Furniture around before I was ever born. I have since found out, all of the furniture I saw was indeed real, as my family has validated it.
  • I guess my question is, if they come back, then they can’t be available to communicate through you…so they must still be up there and not back here?"
    I have met people here on this earth, that have the exact eyes of someone I Loved who has crossed over, there is a sparkle, that reminds me or I “Feel” that there is some intense deep connection that I “Know” that person. The Person usually all the time feels the same way. Whether it was in this life or another one, the connection is there and is bonded with the souls. That I believe is a touch of reincarnation. To me there is no “Up There and Down Here”. There are planes where Souls /Spirit grows in my belief.
  • Many spiritualists have also told me that there are different “levels” or planes that the spirit advances to. Would a psychic like you be able to know at what “level” the person they are communicating with on the other side is on?
    For me, as a Medium, I can tell immediately when I am reading someone, if there has been a passing, I can smell, Taste it. It smells like flowers, but very unpleasant. I also will let you know, that it is never too soon for me to Clairsensic wise, taste, smell a passing that just happened. All Spiritualists are different. In answer to what I was just referencing too with “Planes”, the way they come through may make them very strong, pretty much the way they were here. If someone had a very reserved persona, they will come to me reserved. That is to Identify with the sitter, that this is how they acted here. They are trying to validate themselves to me, for the sitter. Also, in reference to Planes, the souls grow as time goes on; more messages with more activity goes on. The more I read people, the more it happens with different messages and talks.
  • What about past lives, do you think I am crazy?"
    I would not think you are crazy. Past life Regression is something I feel is important, I also have heard from people that the reason for certain “Panic Attacks” is because of a past life experience and something “Triggers” them to panic from an event in another life. I believe in past life and I myself, would like to know what I was in a past life or lives pretty much to clarify certain things.
  • As for psychic questions…. this one is going to sound weird or a little out in left field. Do you think witchcraft, voodoo and people who “dabble” with the “dark side” are for real?"
    In answer to your question, there are people who “Dabble” (and that is the exact way I say it) on the “Dark Side” and Practice Witchcraft, they believe if they can do some ” Spell” on a person that they are in Power, and Control, which can be malicious and harmful. However, the ones who are “The Dark Side” are the ones who are in big troubles ahead of them, they will never Win, especially against someone’s free will. They are in BIG troubles if they are “dabbling” where they shouldn’t be. Always Know, and this is very important, that nobody can be as strong as God / a higher power. There are such people as “White” Witches who only practice for certain practices, “White Witches” are for the betterment of their own lives and they actually are not afraid to say they are a “White Witch”. “Black Ones” are easy for me to identify at this point. I have had certain experiences, For Example: one time I went to a self-proclaimed Psychic many years ago, she was on the side of a street and I wanted a Reading. She got mad with me because I brought my mother. The Reading was around $50.00 She told me nothing, looked at my palm, then she pursued to tell me that if I paid her more than $1000.00 to begin, she would remove the curse that has been put on me, and change my life. I suddenly got very agitated and freaked out, and said “What Curse!”, she said, “Ahhh” like a gypsy, “You must pay to have it removed”. The bottom line is thank god I had my mother with me, and we ran out the door. She had no idea what she was talking about and she was a Scam Artist. There unfortunately are so called “Psychics” who are “Out There” and believe me, I am not degrading any Psychic out there, however the charlatans out there are not psychic, they are preying on innocent people. They will say they are Psychic, when they are not Psychic at all, and in return they tell people nothing, they do not know the first thing about being a real Psychic, they will turn around and talk about “Spells and Curses. If anyone says such things, run fast!! There are No Curses that can be placed upon you or your family without your free will. As I said, I have been through enough and met both kinds that I know the Truth, and the Truth is, NOBODY is stronger than you, a higher power, whatever your beliefs are.
  • I’ve always felt that people who have a strong belief in the spirit world and believe we have guides and angels around us cannot have negative influences affect us. Yet my wife has questioned if it’s possible that someone who believes or practices the elements of the dark side could have cast a “spell” on her or her sons?
    Go back to the above question, any individual who tells a person they have a Curse and they must pay to have it removed is a wacko and please run out the door FAST. I just want to clear up for you that there is no curse on you or your family. Thank you for the opportunity of answering this. More Q’s and A’s will be appearing as timing permits. Thank You for reading them and we hope they assist you and guide you in learning more about Robyn, her Ethics, and her beliefs.

The following questions and answers have been asked by select clientele, colleagues, and Media Personalities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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