11:11Encoded Decoded

November 11, 2015

11:11 Encoded Decoded


All eyes shift. So does our DNA. A higher consciousness. there is a movement, a frequency of a high vibration, a clear message of knowing, and you are not alone.

The phenomenon of the numbers 11:11. What does the significance mean of these beautifully lit up glowing numbers that look like DNA strands and why are billions seeing the double digits everyday of their lives? You, may be chosen for a bigger mission while here on this earth. The numeric code of 1111's is the "lit up path" to a new gateway.


A way to communicate with spirit, Angels, and simultaneously, someone else, at this very moment is seeing the numbers in unison with you, right here, right now.If you are enlightened and are privy to seeing the 11:11 majestic numbers, then get cozy, grab a cup of java juice, kick your feet up, and enjoy the "new transition" as those who seek the answers shall decode the encoded dimension In Between worlds of the universal pre-encoded digits stored in our cellular memory banks of 11:11. From spirit, angelic communications, the Mayan calendar, pyramids, equinox and zodiac, binary, trinity, and alike, one thing revolves and those are the numbers of eleven eleven.


Today is the new moon in Scorpio.


Join the journey of transcending.I'm making the following request. take a selfie, snapshot, today on 11-11-11 at 11am or PM, and post it underneath this post to connect all the people that are in unison of witnessing the new transition.if you miss that opportunity this morning there's always a second chance tonight at 11:11pm.


Where are you on 11-11-11?


Take a snapshot and tweet it to me Today is 11/11 at 11::11oclock.Today, 10:20 PM 


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