November 18, 2014

I had one of the most intense "visits" in a dream like state many years ago with Archangel Michael, where he had piercing blue eyes, and a sword and introduced himself to me. Research shows that Archangel Michael's sword is not like a "weapon" like we think of swords in Human life and his sword is a Staff of light, known as "the sword of truth" and all he touches with it, are brought back to the truth of the light. Some research indicates, when a dark shadow is present, you cannot dissolve the shadow by fighting the shadow , rather that Archangel Michael defeats/dissolves the shadows by anchoring and restoring the light. In other research, it shows that Archangel Michael has the "Blue Flaming Sword".I have a question. Do you feel through photographs that he is showing his presence? Lori photographs subject after subject, and not once has this transpired before, where hundreds of orbs, and this magnificent Blue Sword has appeared! I think it is amazing! In researching archangel michael, his sword is the most powerful and if that is what he is trying to show us....then that is truly awesome! 

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