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July 1, 2013

Interview with Robyn Z. by Jessica Gilbert


Robyn Z. was born in Queens, NY, grew up on Long Island and moved to South Florida in her early teens. Rewinding backwards for a moment, she walked two roads; one being a natural born medium, and the other a gift for singing.


Robyn’s unique ability to recognize spirits and their specific messages has made her famous for remarkable validations and compelling accuracy.


From the time Robyn was in her Mother’s womb, she was able to thump to the beat of music and see outside of the womb. The natural born singer as a little girl gazing in her bedroom with stars in her eyes, had a bright neon green record player and a disco ball illuminating from the ceiling. She would spin vinyl records dancing, singing and creating her own staged theatrical performances with her friends and family. The long brown-haired, brown-eyed, starry-eyed child made everyone’s jaw drop the moment she would walk into New York hot spots wearing nothing but a wonder woman bathing suit with beautiful glitter made-up eyes, as belting out songs in public gained her standing ovations.


Robyn Z., CEO of her own record label Encoded Entertainment, LLC, who gained notoriety for her first record release “Good Love” released in 1995 by DM records. Her performances took a wild turn making her name go up in lights in local headlines and billboards.


Robyn was accepted into the University of Miami’s music department on scholarship right after graduating high school.


Her vast knowledge in the music industry, combined with her street smart classy attitude with a lot of wit got her right through the doors at record labels where she was offered to sing on numerous record releases in recording studios for artists, as well as being an opening act herself for major headliners.


Before her first release on her own label in 1999 gaining national distribution on her own, as well as attaining national Radio play, Robyn knows the game and can play it well. She has earned the respect of her peers in the industry and holds the key to what will be the reinvention. “My goals as an artist is to break down the barriers and walls of the typical boring ‘institution’ whereas everyone wants to be like the next artist. That is not in my veins, and truthfully the world is sick of hearing and seeing the same thing.”




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