Robyn Z Psychic Medium – Mission Statement


To better understand the role of who I am as a Medium, I feel it is important that I educate you about what my Mission is personally, especially in the profession that is my calling, often the term “Psychic” can get misconstrued as being a quack, reminding one of a Gypsy at a carnival fairground, one who has a sign on the side of the street, or a Charlatan preying on innocent people to make the sitter believe obscure things that are not true, please, if you ever have had one of these experiences, walk away. On a very important note, please know that every Medium is Psychic, not every Psychic is a Medium, and therefore you are best to obtain a Mediumistic reading from a trusted referral or word of mouth. At the same time I educate myself and evolve as a Medium on an everyday basis. I am personally moving into a whole new era of medium ship and science for better understanding of how the soul survives consciousness. I can only speak for myself in my personal missions. I hold high Ethical Standards as a Medium, and as I walk this remarkable road as a Medium with Humility, I am sincerely dedicated to the field of Mediumship and I take my work with great pride as a Medium. My ethical principles are as follows and shall remain, In a Reading with me, I will provide truthful, descriptive, detailed, accurate, and validated information for you regarding what you and your loved ones who have passed on shared together here in the psychical realm as well as other intimate details that only you and your loved ones will know about. When I am connected with the other side and channeling, I feel very much a part of your family and the deceased individual. I will always strive to the very best of my abilities in assisting you so you feel peace and comfort. There are five senses that I encompass as a Medium. I am able to hear, (Clairalience) see, (Clairvoyance) feel (Empathy of what your loved ones felt before they passed away), Taste (fire, smoke, burning etc) and sense.


Since so much of what you are seeing on Television now is related to Psychic connotations, In the last five years, I continue to have the honor of working hand in hand with wonderful people in the media arena, and I continue to do so, not only for Entertainment purposes, but to help people with creating awareness that my belief is, the soul survives consciousness. I will continue to be on Radio, Television, and Print Publications that feature me as a Medium. Through creating Public awareness of what I do as a Medium, it does in fact, open the eyes of so many and brings spiritual enlightenment and of course, Entertainment. We cannot dismiss that in this new wave of public awareness, that so much of what I do as my profession which was once talked about behind closed doors is now becoming more a reality and the public is becoming much more aware that there may just be contact with the deceased. My Mission is to create awareness, and to bring to light that there is much more than what a person sees in front of them.


To seek Spiritual enlightenment, “ You Love your loved ones, they still love you even if you cannot physically touch them, or hold them, This is my calling, I am here to bring you truth, validation, comfort, and peace. A true Medium can connect you with those you have loved and lost”.


- Robyn Z.

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